WWE legend Jeff Jarrett on the difference between promoting a show in 2022 vs 2019

WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett recently shared his thoughts on the difference between promoting a live show in 2022 compared to the past.

Jarrett, senior vice president of live events at WWE, has worked in wrestling for more than three decades. During this time, the business landscape has changed dramatically in terms of event promotion, primarily due to advances in technology.

Speaking on After The Bell, Double-J explained how social media is a key aspect of how WWE promotes its events in 2022.

“Promoting a show in 2022 is different than it was even in 2019. So pitching, marketing, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, all of those are our touchpoints with our audience. So the marketing in that vein, and then the traditional radio and TV and overall marketing of any live event is RAW and SmackDown every Monday and Friday,” Jarrett told H/T 411Mania

Despite being an artist from an older generation of wrestlers, Jarrett has kept pace and used social media to push the WWE brand forward.

Jeff Jarrett on who he would like to face from today’s generation of stars

Although he seems to have hung up his boots, the former Intercontinental Champion still has many dream matches he would like to check off his list.

Speaking on his podcast, My World With Jeff Jarrett, the Hall of Famer chose various WWE stars as well as other promotions as his dream opponents.

“Cody [Rhodes] would be hell [an opponent]”, Jarrett said. “I’ve never worked with Cena. [Hiroshi] Tanahashi is a guy who when I saw his aura at WrestleKingdom 9 live, it’s a whole other level.” [H/T 411Mania]

As someone who has a very personal connection to Cody through his father Dusty, a match between the former and Jarrett would be nothing short of a classic.

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