Worakls is back in the US for a series of live performances this winter

Famous for their countless electro-melodic releases and vibrant concerts, Worakls is back in the States for a series of live performances this winter. Kicking off January 14 with a series of shows in San Diego and Denver, the artist will make his way across the country and back with notable gigs in Chicago, Brooklyn, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

First and foremost a composer Job written with the orchestra in mind and presents his music only in a live context, not as a DJ set.

In fact, the artist has also embarked on full orchestra tours where he personally conducts the live orchestra and writes the musical notes for each instrument. Take a look at Job 2019 Circle performance for a good example of what orchestral performance looks like.

Although the US Winter Tour does not offer the full orchestra experience (Job hope it happens soon), the tour will still be live and highly improvised. Attendees will experience live renditions of music throughout the artist’s career – check out Job musical releases here.

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Kenneth T. Shippee