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This week, Dr. Jo SaxtonOfqual’s chief regulator, makes his first appearance on the Skills World live radio show.

The presenter, Tom Bewick, interviewed the quango leader on four key questions:

  1. Rolling out plans to fight grade inflation in the wake of the pandemic?
  2. What lessons will they learn from the delay in some VTQ results this summer?
  3. A year after taking office, how is his “true north” program going and what does this mean in practice for regulations?
  4. How will the Skills Act and IfATE’s new role in approving qualifications avoid a bureaucratic nightmare?

Listen to past episodes of the show at www.skillsworldlive.com or where you usually get your podcasts.

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Next week we will broadcast The Great Skills Debate from the Labor Party Conference in Liverpool, with the Shadow Skills Minister, Toby Perkins MP and Alan Woods OBEas well as other special guests.

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Kenneth T. Shippee