The Daily Faceoff Show: Devils forward Jesper Bratt can expect a big payday

Over the past two years, New Jersey Devils general manager Tom Fitzgerald has made a concerted effort to lock up the young core of the team for years to come.

First, the Devils signed team captain Nico Hischier for a seven-year, $ 50.75 million extension in October 2019 that will run through the 2026-2027 season.

Then, last November, New Jersey announced an eight-year, $ 64 million extension for Jack Hughes, which will lead him through the 2029-30 season.

However, the team’s leading scorer this season is 23-year-old Jesper Bratt, who, with 24 points in the Devils’ first 29 games, is on course to collect 68 points in a full 82-game season. . Bratt is currently in the final year of his contract, which is currently worth $ 2.75 million per season.

Speaking on The Daily Faceoff Show Tuesday, Mike McKenna of Daily Faceoff said Bratt made his way into a big payday.

McKenna: “This guy, a sixth-round pick in 2016. It’s his fifth season in the NHL, but he’s only 23. He’s the Devils’ leading scorer with a decent margin, 24 points in 29 games. But when I watch Bratt I think it’s been a slow progression for him to build up to this point. He had sort of been a half point [per game] guy. You would see flashes here and there. I think Jesper Bratt playing alongside Dawson Mercer, the awesome rookies the Devils own, really ignited Bratt’s game.

“They have been a dynamic duo. Their chances of scoring at high risk are almost double what they are when these two are separated. When they are together, they double their chances.

“Bratt, to me, is a master of deception with the puck… this guy is going to get paid.”

Frank Seravalli agreed with McKenna’s sentiment.

Seravalli: “Yeah, I have no doubts about that. I can tell you when Jack Hughes signed his extension – I know Bratt hasn’t been spoken to in the same circles – but he’s been damn productive and he has to live. this signature – if Jakes Hughes is worth “that”, well what am I then?

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