Stray Kids’ ‘Thunderous’ Wins First Music Show Win on Show Champion

K-pop group Stray Kids kicks off September with a thunderous start. The eight-member group ranked # 1 on Show Champion with their comeback title NOEASY “Thunderous”.

The Show Champion website shows that Stray Kids’ “Thunderous” took first place with a total of 7,159 points. This makes them the second artist after BTS to score over 7,000 points on Show Champion in 2021.

Stray Kids takes first place on Show Champion with ‘Thunderous’

With an incredible 7,156 point win, Twitter is abuzz with the STAYs celebrating the group’s award.

Stray Kids performed “Thunderous” and “The View,” along with VERIVERY, CIX and other groups during the live presentation on September 1st. the fans were working hard.

“Thunderous” topped “Queendom” by Red Velvet (4206 points), “DUMB DUMB” by Somi (2846 points), “Door” by Kwon Eun Bi (1239 points) and “TRIGGER” by VERIVERY (1127 points).

This is the fifth musical victory for Stray Kids of their career since their official debut in 2018. The achievement of this incredible feat makes STAYs more proud of the impressive growth of the winners of Kingdom: Legendary War.

Fans were thrilled when Stray Kids took home the honorable trophy in their first week of promotions. NOEASY is their second full length album released on August 23, 2021. Through this album, the band also became a million sellers and the only album sold to a million by a group from JYP Entertainment.

From almost little recognition to the self-producing group that is now quickly gaining attention, the popularity of Stray Kids has been on the rise for the past few months. Major credit goes to Mnet’s reality show, Kingdom: Legendary War, where the group presented exemplary stage performances with ready-made sets.

Here’s how the STAYs celebrate the group’s deserved victory:

With the announcement of the release of NOEASY in August, STAYs began to call the month “Auguskz” (SKZ, short for Stray Kids).

The group even landed seven NOEASY songs on Billboard’s worldwide digital song sales chart. With such an incredible start to September, they call the month “SKZtember”.

With almost three more weeks of promotion remaining, it will be exciting to see if STAYs help the Stray Kids stay “loud” with countless wins.

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