SEVENTEEN talks about Attacca, live performances and new music for 2022

Since their debut in 2015, SEVENTEEN have made each year more impactful than the last. The 13-member group – consisting of S.COUPS, JEONGHAN, JOSHUA, JUN, HOSHI, WONWOO, WOOZI, DK, MINGYU, THE8, SEUNGKWAN, VERNON and DINO – made history in December 2021 by becoming the first ever K-pop to be named MTV’s Push Artist. Following the success of their Your choice and Attack EPs in 2021, they were too the first group overall that year to earn two No. 1s on Billboard’s Top Selling Albums chart. So what sets SEVENTEEN apart? Not only do they help write, produce and choreograph their own music, but they have three incredible specialized sub-units in different fields (hip-hop, vocals and performance) in order to provide something unique for fans. As the group teases, CARATs should prepare for 2022 as there are plenty of surprises in store.

Last year, they drew on their real-life experiences amid the pandemic to produce a special project called “Power of Love,” the overarching theme used in their 2021 releases. “We started the project after more than a year of not being able to breathe the same air with those who love our music or [being able] to come together and spend more time with our loved ones,” S.COUPS told Elite Daily. “There was a greater need than ever for a sense of connection, and the universal subject of love seemed like a powerful choice to bring people together.”

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Throughout 2021’s “Power of Love,” the group frequently explored the different stages of falling in love. The initiative kicked off in May with WONWOO and MINGYU’s first sub-unit track together, “Bittersweet.” Having performed as part of SEVENTEEN’s hip-hop sub-unit, the ballad showcased a whole new side to the duo.

WONWOO says that because each member of SEVENTEEN has their own “individual strengths” and “areas of music they would like to explore,” the subunits allow for greater experimentation. “Sometimes by dividing ourselves into units, we go deeper into the emotions and the stories that we want to address,” he says, revealing that there are other surprises along the way. “No matter how you combine us, we are confident that we are always able to bring something new to the stage. You will surely see even more unique unit combinations as well as solo efforts from SEVENTEEN in the future. .

“Power of Love” left a big impact on fans, however, SEVENTEEN is especially excited for what’s to come. JUN expects 2022 to be a major year: “We will work even harder for better music and better performances.” The guys frequently experiment with new sounds, solo projects and unexpected unit combinations, so JUN’s promise certainly aligns with how SEVENTEEN have historically challenged themselves as a band and as artists. individual.

SEVENTEEN is particularly good at storytelling, and fans loved the blossoming romance explored through “Power of Love.” Together, the songs “Bittersweet”, “Ready to Love” and “Rock With You” spoke of the roller coaster of emotions that come with love – from the early stages of connection to the desire to be more than friends. WONWOO says the themes specifically explored in their eighth EP, Your choice, and its follow-up, Attack, immersed in “more mature and passionate forms of love”.

Impressively, SEVENTEEN carefully considers how to name their projects, and Attack was no exception. “Attacca is a musical term for an uninterrupted movement from one end of a piece of music to the next. It was a term chosen to represent a passionate form of love, the central theme of the album,” says HOSHI, explaining that it also represents the ambition of the band. “It was also a reminder to ourselves to constantly move forward towards our next chapter and of the many reasons to do so.”

Attack debuted at No. 13 on the Billboard 200, making it SEVENTEEN’s highest charting album to date. The reason for its success? SEUNGKWAN credits how much thought went into the smallest details. “We try our best to put our hearts into our albums, and I think that such dedication is what spoke to both our fans and the general public alike,” he says. WOOZI adds that seeing these achievements makes SEVENTEEN work even harder: “A lot of what we achieve really has to be credited to CARATs. We will strive to get even better with each album, with a greater sense of responsibility in what we do.

What else, Attack featured the group’s first all-English song, “2 MINUS 1”, in a bid to connect with a global audience. “We wanted to share something special for all the CARATs around the world that would bring us together,” says JOSHUA. VERNON adds, “We were inspired by early 2000s pop-punk songs from global artists like Avril Lavigne and All Time Low, so hopefully this will be another side of the song that our fans around the world can enjoy with. to log in..”

While the guys have had a close relationship with CARAT since their debut, the inability to tour amid the pandemic has motivated them to connect with fans more than ever. MINGYU says he misses performing in front of a live audience so much that he watched reruns of SEVENTEEN concerts during the holidays. He says, “For Christmas, I got some on-demand videos of our concert offline on Weverse and watched them again. That’s how much I miss the chants and cheers from our fans.”

DINO also aspires to tour again: “There is one of our songs called ‘Smile Flower’. I miss being able to sing the song with our CARATs. These are the times when I really felt that we were united by the music.

Fortunately, SEVENTEEN had the opportunity to perform for IRL fans at HYBE’s Weverse Con 2022, held on New Year’s Eve. “An opportunity to spend the last moments of the passing year with our members and our fans, it really meant a lot to me,” JEONGHAN said. SEVENTEEN couldn’t attend HYBE’s 2020 New Year’s Eve concert, so they made sure to make a big comeback in 2021 by incorporating backup dancers as well as impressive stage effects. DK says, “We wanted to make sure everyone watching could end 2021 on a high note.”

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Ultimately, making fans proud is a top priority for SEVENTEEN. “I want 2022 to be a year where we shine together doing the things we want to do and achieving the things we want to achieve,” says THE8. WONWOO agrees, “I’m also excited to see what stories will follow ‘Power of Love’. I hope this will be the year SEVENTEEN and CARATs come together again through music.

SEVENTEEN’s latest EP, Attack, is now available to stream on all platforms.

Kenneth T. Shippee