Primark shoppers show their love for ‘brilliant’ storage organizers

It’s that time of year when we’re all looking to better organize the space we have and get the most out of our homes.

Now High Street giant Primark is getting in on the action with a few storage solution products – and they’re proving to be a hit with fans.

Posts about three new products on the company’s Facebook page have garnered positive reactions from shoppers.

A £25 white ladder shelf that Primark describes as “a storage solution for small spaces. Brilliant.”

A £10 organizer pictured with bathroom and grooming products is described as ideal ‘for the organizer in your life’.

A £15 black shopping cart has also landed in stores.

The storage solution drew a number of positive responses.

One of them said, “I need this.”

While another added: ‘I could do with this for my bathroom.’

Fans responded to the organizer’s message with enthusiasm. One of them posted: “Very trendy”.

While another said: ‘It’s getting dangerous…too many cute things.’

The post led to the majority of fans saying the same thing, with one summarizing a number of posts by saying “I really wish you would do an online store too.”

Primark responded to the messages with the following message: “We appreciate your wishes, but this is not part of our plans. Thank you.”

The cart has also been a hit with fans on social media, with many showing their love for the product.

One posted: “A bit cheaper than IKEA’s £50.”

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Kenneth T. Shippee