Olympic Music Takes Sting’s “You Still Touch Me” On First Release [Watch]

Olympic Music Takes Sting’s “You Still Touch Me” On First Release [Watch]


Even if you may not know Olympic music-a.k.a Andy guinn– if you’ve ever seen an indie jam outfit Lunar taxi play live, then you saw his work. Before the pandemic, Guinn was on the road with Moon Taxi as a guitar technician, but today he ventures out on his own with his very first outing as Olympic music in the form of a cover of Prick‘s “You always touch me”.

While it may seem odd to start a musical career with a cover, especially one as unlikely as the track The police singer’s album in 1996 Mercury falling, Guinn is adamant that his interpretation is more individual than you might think.

“I loved the idea of ​​releasing a unique version of a cover as the first thing to introduce people to Olympic music,” Guinn told Live for live music. “We pretty much finished the full album and I wanted to find a way to get people into the project before we announced the album. That Sting song, ‘You Still Touch Me,’ was a song we jammed a lot during our breaks in the studio. It was like a breath of fresh air to energize everyone. We’ve tried to harness some of the beauty of what Sting has written while taking it to new heights.

From the first notes of the indie-alt take on the track, listeners are immediately inundated with this fresh air. Simultaneously, the video produced by Alex justice– who has worked with stars such as Chance the rapper, Maggie Rogers, and Halsey– offers the soothing coastal breeze with footage that looks like it came straight out of an independent film, featuring a quick shot of Salvation Mountain in the California desert.

Although the Olympic music project is Guinn’s own, he worked with Moon Taxi’s Spencer thomson on his debut record, which began production in March 2020. Contributions also came from his frequent collaborator Will Eubanks Even with the contribution of his longtime friend and part-time colleague, the album is packed with a myriad of influences from Fleetwood Mac To The 1975. As for what he wants listeners to experience when they discover the album, Guinn’s hope is simple: “I think I want people to find comfort in the album, and maybe a little bit. hope. This album is for driving, running, moving forward.

Watch the clip for Olympic Music’s very first release, a cover of Sting’s “You Still Touch Me”, below:

Olympic Music – “You Still Touch Me” (Sting)

[Video: Olympic Music]


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