Musician Summons 15 Covers Of Elden Ring Theme Song

You too can play well if you upgrade your bass with the right Spirit Ashes.

In the few months that From Software’s Ring of Elden came out, the internet reveled in taking the carefully considered artistic vision of its creators and wreaking havoc on it. In addition to finding strategies for defeating particularly difficult enemies by doing things like play with their programming they therefore act as dopes – an ancient tradition of the game – modders have also worked hard to allow, for example, to enter a bloody fight with a mounted Shrek as battle-hardened Homer Simpson.

As impressive as all of these efforts can be, however, none are as transformative as the Approach Musician Alex Moukala started writhing Ring of Elden in a new form: Rework the game’s theme song across 15 different musical genres in a single video.

When we arrived for the last time in Moukalahe was focused on achieving all the Final Fantasy funky track. Now he turned his attention to a piece of music that anyone has had Ring of EldenThe menu of being idle on their TV for hours is deep in their brains.

The great original symphonic piece is, in Moukala’s hands, transformed into a calm melody accented by Spanish guitar, a catchy nu-disco dance song with a gritty bass line and a breathy metal number. As his medley continues, it includes a lo-fi hip-hop rendition, a dark, choir-led synth take, an appropriately dramatic “trailer” cover, and a baroque, reggae, and (our favorite) a French house version.

You have your next project defined for you, Ring of Elden modders. It’s time to insert Moukala’s pieces into the game so the act of slaying the Godskin Duo can be made a little more relaxing by enjoying mortal combat against misshapen chunks of vicious demonic flesh over a soundtrack reggae.

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Kenneth T. Shippee