Jack Harlow on the cover of summer issue 22

Talk about his new album Come home, the kids miss you and a dream date in Target, the rapper is on the cover of our summer issue 22.

“Of course, this album is easily my best work to date. I really trust him and that sets me apart from my peers… All the music is made from scratch this time and most of the lyrics were written as the beats were made. I was so incredibly involved this time, I touched every inch of the songs.

From gaining recognition from industry giants such as Drake and Pharrell to becoming the internet’s latest boyfriend, Louisville-born rapper Jack Harlow has undoubtedly rocketed to the limelight over the past 18 months. . Coming onto the scene at the height of the lockdown with his viral TikTok anthem “Whats Poppin”, Harlow went on to climb various charts around the world and break records.

Releases his second album Go home, you miss the kids today and with his acting debut in the remake of the 1992 film White Men Can’t Jump over the horizon, Harlow assures us that this is just the beginning. Covering our Summer 22 issue in Tommy Hilfiger, the entertainer breaks down his rapid rise to fame, being his authentic self and how his idyllic date would make shopping at Target.

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