Independent label Kill Rock Stars releases 63-track album for 30th anniversary

Iconic indie label Kill Rock Stars have released a 63-track cover album to celebrate their 30th anniversary – check it out below.

A sequel to the original 1991 Kill Rock Stars compilation which included Bikini Kill, Nirvana and the Melvins, Kill Rock Stars’ new album “Stars Rock Kill (Rock Stars)” sees a multitude of bands covering tracks from the awesome 30 albums of the label. catalog of the year.

The Washington-based label had shared covers throughout 2021, but with the release of Annabelle Lord-Patey’s cover of Elliott Smith’s 1995 song “Crazy Fucker” yesterday (January 1), the project is now complete and available to stream / purchase through Bandcamp. .

Speaking about the project, the label said, “In 2020 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Elliott Smith’s self-titled album by inviting artists we admire to record covers of songs from this album. We had so much fun with this project that we decided for 2021 to celebrate our 30th anniversary by expanding the idea to encompass the whole story of the release of Kill Rock Stars.

‘Stars Rock Kill (Rock Stars)’ sees The Cribs cover ‘Finger-Nailed For You’ by Comet Gain, Shamir confront ‘Where Gravity Is Dead’ by Laura Veirs and Deerhoof cover both Sleater Kinney (‘Don’t Talk Like’ ) and LiLiPUT (“Hitch-Hike”).

“KRS has a huge catalog,” Deerhoof said of their blanket choices. “How do you choose? Something about the Sleater-Kinney song, we had to try it out. We wanted to celebrate one of those magical moments where they sounded like they didn’t really know what they were doing… when emotions were revelations and dissonances collided in a mysterious universe of intention and accident. We relate to that part of us that functions like a child. We wanted to take a question mark from a song and not answer it.

In return, artists like Wilco’s Nels Cline, Shutups, Shaylee and Dave Depper of Death Cab For Cutie have brought their twist to various Deerhoof tracks.

Speaking of their inclusion in the compilation, The Cribs wrote: too nervous and never sent it. So it’s a 20-year dream come true.

Kenneth T. Shippee