HASA offers live performances to seniors in retirement homes

It’s a special way to provide an experience for those who no longer hear live music.

The Health Arts Society of Alberta (HASA) Concerts in Care helps provide people living in long-term care homes or retirement homes with a unique experience this holiday season.

Albertans can buy or perform a live concert with professional musicians for $ 300 and those who live in the home will be treated to a 45-minute show.

WATCH: HASA shows the kind of entertainment seniors can get when Concerts in Care comes to visit them.

“Some of our audience members are longtime music lovers who are no longer physically able to attend concerts in the community, but can fully explain the magnitude of what this means to them; others, often living with dementia, may not be able to express what concerts mean to them, but will sing with familiar tunes, laugh, or even cry. said Meran Currie-Roberts, executive and artistic director of HASA.

The performers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including: jazz, opera and folk.

“Music has a way of going beyond age, disability or language. We are grateful to the many Albertans who are stepping up to help bring music to those who need it most. “

HASA says more than 300 concerts are given each year across the province thanks to the kindness of Albertans.

For more information on Concerts in Care, click here.

Kenneth T. Shippee