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Just a few weeks ago, one could have walked through a back alley in Glasgow, around a cobblestone corner, up some stairs, and emerge into an unassuming room that happened to be the mecca of an experimental music lover by the name of Volcanic Tongue. But unfortunately, after a decade of playing, the store is definitely closing its doors. The VT site lists the time required for personal projects as the main closing factor, including the musical endeavors of co-founder Heather Leigh Murray and the debut novel by co-founder David Keenan Women’s comfort. Again, Keenan declared underground music dead barely a month ago, so maybe they’re just getting dressed when everything is fine.

VT’s website was noted for its weekly “Tip of the Tongue”, which will go down in my mind as one of the sickest puns of all time, as well as for the biggest drains of all time. on my bank account. But beyond its market function, the team has also hosted a number of shows, festivals and conferences in the UK and beyond.

From now on, the online shop is always open, so act fast if you want the rite of passage which is simultaneous low balance alert text in tandem with the arrival of record stack mail. Farewell to a true resource in the underground music community, which gets my “highest recommendation possible!” In record store paradise.

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