Celtic Connections returns in 2022 with live performances

Celtic Connections will return early next year with live performances after being forced to go online this year due to the pandemic.

The event will be held in Glasgow from January 20 to February 6, with an 18-day program featuring traditional folk, roots, Americana, jazz, soul and world music.

More than 1,000 musicians are expected to participate in the 29th edition of the concert series.

The opening concert, ‘Neath The Gloamin’ Star, will feature young musicians and songwriters.

Celtic Connections creative producer Donald Shaw said it would be a “statement of the festival’s commitment to showcasing and supporting emerging artists, recognizing what is being done by young musicians in Scotland and around the world to carry the torch of Scottish folk song into the future “.

He added: “There is no doubt that this year’s festival has added significance, and in the context of the past two years, we look forward to capturing the collective human experience which is at the heart of what people lack. – sharing of experiences, songs, music and stories.

“What allows Celtic Connections as a festival to grow and stand out is the idea that as musicians and audiences we can all share music, learn from each other and grow – and there is much to be learned from the next generation. “

The event will also include workshops, theatrical productions, ceilidhs and exhibitions.


Scotland’s largest puppet, a 10-meter tall sea goddess called Storm, shown at the 2020 festival (PA)

Scotland’s tallest puppet, a 10-meter tall sea goddess called Storm, shown at the 2020 festival (PA)

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Alan Morrison, Head of Music at Creative Scotland, said: “It is a pleasure to see Glasgow reopen the doors to its concert halls, as Celtic Connections prepares to rejuvenate the city with live performances and in person.

“Last January’s festival was a cultural lifeline that engaged audiences around the world, reminding us that music has an eerie power to bring us together, even in the darkest days of lockdown.

“The 2022 event will be a touching comeback, ranging from intimate solo exhibitions to full-scale orchestral extravagances, underscoring the indisputable fact that Celtic Connections truly has something for everyone.”

David McDonald, President of Glasgow Life and Deputy Head of Glasgow City Council, said: “Celtic Connections has played a huge role in supporting and developing talent over the decades and is once again putting together an incredible program that will bring unique and convincing performances from all over the world. world to live audiences in Glasgow, as they were meant to be seen and heard.

The online version of the festival earlier in the year sold over 27,000 tickets and attracted audiences from over 60 different countries, with over 10.5 million minutes of musical entertainment viewed over a 19-day program.

During the January 2020 live concerts, organizers said about 130,000 people attended more than 300 events, with more than 2,100 performers from around the world.

Celtic Connections was first organized in 1994 when it offered 66 events in one location.

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