Arc System Works Tokyo Game Show Special Program Live Stream

Will they show a new Guilty Gear character?

Update: The Arc System Works TGS presentation is now in progress. You can watch the feed with us below.

Looks like the party has just started, but the Tokyo Game Show 2021 is now entering its final day in Japan, although that doesn’t mean there’s nothing more to look forward to, too.

Arc System Works is expected to host their own special TGS schedule today starting at 9:00 p.m. PT / 12:00 a.m. ET, where they are expected to showcase a handful of games, including Guilty Gear Strive.

While TGS seems like the perfect place to reveal Strive’s third DLC character, the developer has given no confirmation if a brand new trailer is on the way.

All that has been said about this so far is that they plan to discuss the latest information regarding River City Saga: Three Kingdoms, River City Girls 2, and Guilty Gear Strive during their 50 minute presentation, so it’s a long time to complete if there is nothing to do to get started.

As to who makes the best candidate if we get an ad from Guilty Gear, we think “That Man” has the best shot at being next in line, but which one?

This could also be where BlazBlue: Central Fiction can get confirmation of its restore netcode update, as eagle-eyed fans have noticed that the game has started receiving developer-side fixes again after years. dormancy.

The ArcSys flow itself will be held on Tokyo Game Show YouTube Channel with English subtitles, which you can watch with us below, or the TGS Twitch Page.

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